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Most parents do the best they can for their kids, but can be held back in some ways, often by the parenting they themselves received.

Some of us were never really parented at all.
Some of us had every physical need met but lacked love or approval and struggle with low self-esteem.
Some of us seek relief from emotional pain in addictions or compulsive behaviour.
Some of us had parents who thought lots of strong criticism would make us behave well.
Some of us had no discipline at home and gained a sense of entitlement which makes it hard for us to fit in.
Some grew up with scary angry parents and then find ourselves acting the same way.
Some grew up with abuse.

Some people grow up mistreated and/or discriminated against by society and feel resentful and isolated.

Despite our difficulties many of us do well in life. Whether we 'cope' or not, we may still feel unhappy, bad, overwhelmed by life or a failure in some way. Although you may not think so, this can change without long, intensive, expensive therapy or psychoanalysis.

And if you have kids yourself (or plan to) it is a good idea to sort out these issues – behavior patterns have a tendency to go down the generations if you don't deal with them. Small changes you achieve can make a huge difference. Unhappiness and mistakes are catching but also curable!

 Why be unhappy longer than you need to?



Recent research has identified many destructive behaviour patterns which started in childhood. We tend to freeze traumatic emotional memories as they felt to us as children when we were helpless. As adults we can use logic, perspective and emotional coaching to stop re-living the emotional agony of childhood and change our lives for the future. You will then feel and behave differently.

Powerful diagnostics and emotional coaching techniques can change how you think and feel about bad experiences in just a few sessions. 

Joining a group of people with similar issues can help us to realize that many people have similar problems. Encouraging each other can facilitate rapid change. Some people prefer one-to-one coaching so this is also available. Some people do first coaching and then a course, or vice versa.



12 sessions

How to love your kids in ways that help them long-term as well as dealing with immediate issues. Covers the major aspects of building a close, loving and appropriate relationship with your child/ren through the key stages of their childhood. How to build good behavior, confidence, self-esteem, motivation, resilience and the ability to have fun.


Exclusive to Parentpower -6 sessions

Kids learn a lot from sibling squabbles but there need to be safe limits. How to minimize the pain and maximize the gain to build better relationships between siblings. Detailed advice on when to break up a fight (and when not to), when to listen to tale-telling, what to say when one kid complains about another, bullies another etc.


Exclusive to Parentpower - 6 sessions

How to make your anger work for you, not against you and your loved ones. Heal your relationships and find better ways to solve your problems than storming, shouting, slamming, abusing, ignoring or retreating.


Exclusive to Parentpower - 6 sessions

How to raise boys in a balanced way in a gendered society, building emotional literacy, gentleness, sensitivity and domestic responsibility and not trying to turn our boys into girls.


Exclusive to Parentpower - 6 sessions

How to raise girls in a balanced way in a gendered society, building assertiveness, achievement and confidence without trying to turn our girls into boys.


Exclusive to Parentpower - 6 sessions

Some of us (not all) want to give our kids a more gender-equal upbringing than we received. How do we build desirable gender-neutral qualities, attitudes and behaviour in boys and girls? How do we show our kids the way without moralizing?


Exclusive to Parentpower - 6 sessions

In some ways kids grow up faster these days. We want to preserve their innocence while equipping them to deal with the stuff they face at school and in the media. Puberty is happening earlier and technology means kids may see adult content you are not even aware of. Work on a relationship that balances protection with awareness, guidance with appropriate development and build your child’s resilience for the teenage years.


Exclusive to Parentpower - 6 sessions

How do we give our kids the skills and the right amount of freedom and responsibility to grow into independent, confident adults, day by day, week by week, over the teen years? Easy to say, hard to do! What should we expect? How do we react constructively when our teens go wild or shut themselves up in their rooms? Watch violent porn, and try drink, drugs and sex? Earn their own money and do what they like with it? Many parents find it helps to share this stuff with others going through the same!

All also available as individual, couple or group coaching.


With Skype you can get help via the internet wherever you are. To arrange a session call us by clicking here or add us on Skype with the username "PARENTPOWER"

How to support your kids through sexting, sexualised music videos, Snapchat, internet porn etc.How to keep our children safe physically, mentally and emotionally.  A Head Teacher said 'Parentpower speaks with the voice of reason and authority on the issues that confront parents as their children get older.

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