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Our young people live in a media-saturated capitalist society, pressured on every side to consume, consume, consume. They get the impression that they cannot have a good evening out or even good sex without spending a fortune on clothes, grooming and alcohol. There is sometimes no clear distinction between adverts and information. We as parents can find it difficult or embarrassing to talk to our teens about sex-type stuff, and they may not want to talk to us. We all know that the idea of your parents having sex is creepy. And kids today live in a different world, technologically at least. Even sex-ed teachers struggle. Also, sex-ed in school stops just as some teens are getting sexual.

Who can they talk to about all this stuff, apart from their mates? Playground sex-ed is alive and clustered round a Lads’ Mag in a park near you. If you think that is ok, take a look at the ads at the back!

Parentpower takes a human rights, research-based, values-based approach to look behind the adverts, the mumbo-jumbo and the hype to give teens solid information on which to base their decisions.

We don’t tell them what to think.
We do tell them to listen to their parents (if available) and then make up their minds.
We do point them to independent research.
We do make them aware of the profit motive.
We do ask them to think through their own personal values and be aware of how their actions fit in with these.

Most teens prefer to talk to someone else’s parent, someone they feel comfortable with. This is where Parentpower comes in.

Parentpower offers participative, activity-based workshops to schools and youth groups on Taboo Topics:

    • Lads’ Mags*
    • Pole Dancing*
    • Lap-Dancing*
    • Prostitution*
    • Pornography *
    • Body image*
    • Cosmetic Surgery*
    • Sex*
    • Masculinity*
    • Femininity*
    • Dealing with your parents*

*Parentpower is offering a limited number of workshops free to schools, youth, parent or professional groups in the North London area.


Parentpower has trialled sessions on Lads' Mags and Prostitution) in a North London state secondary school and has talked to a group of parents from a state primary school about Internet Porn.  Both schools have invited Parentpower back for further input.


Sample outline of Pornography session for 14-16-year-olds
(no images shown except 'tame' excerpt from BBC Newsnight)

  • Aim is to give a realistic picture of porn and its effects on users and performers. Backed up by research and references.
  • Main points: porn gives an unrealistic idea of sex; violence against women and ill-treatment of women are normalised; sex shown is always unprotected; porn is racist, sexist, ageist and ablist; porn is addictive and makes 'normal' sex more difficult; porn makes men and women feel worse about themselves in the long term; why women go into porn work and the dangers of the job: STIs, violence, early death, psychological problems.
  • The session includes a separate section for boys (by a male facilitator and ex-porn user) and girls (by a female facilitator who was in a relationship with a porn user)


"There are virtually no trustworthy adults willing or able to talk honestly about sex with young people. Talking to their own parents is far too awkward. Any information they do manage to cobble together comes almost entirely from their peers and from pornography. In fact pornography winds up being the best source of sexual information available to them, and as we have seen, pornography is filled with lies."

Michael Kimmel, ‘Guyland’.



With Skype you can get help via the internet wherever you are. To arrange a session call us by clicking here or add us on Skype with the username "PARENTPOWER"

How to support your kids through sexting, sexualised music videos, Snapchat, internet porn etc.How to keep our children safe physically, mentally and emotionally.  A Head Teacher said 'Parentpower speaks with the voice of reason and authority on the issues that confront parents as their children get older.

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